2/3/4 Way Electronic Crossover

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  • SB-432XL


  • The SB-432XL electronic crossover has high-pass filters that cut the subsonic low frequency and protects the speaker from damage. It includes a phase switch and separate high / low frequency gain adjustments. It’s Perfect and Easy for different system connections. The SB-432XL is a stereo 2-way or 3-way crossover (or mono 4-way crossover) 24dB/octave crossover, and can be used in stereo or mono operation mode.

    • XLR balanced Ins and Outs
    • 2 Way Stereo/ 3 Way Stereo / 4 Way Mono Stereo Crossover
    • Phase Reverse Switch on all Outputs
    • Individual Level Controls on all Band Outputs
    • 24dB per Octave
    • Linkwitz - Riley filters
    • Low Frequency Summed (Subwoofer)
    • x10 Range Switch on both Channels
    • 40Hz High Pass (Low Cut) Filter both Channels
    • Stereo / Mono Status LEDs


General Specifications

  • Input Connectors: XLR
    Input Connectors Type: Electronically Balanced / Unbalanced, RF Filtered
    Impedance: 21dBu / Balanced & Unbalanced
    Max Input Level: 60 Ohms Balanced, 30 Ohms Unbalanced
    Output Connectors: +21dBu, Unweighted, 22Hz
    Output Connectors Type: 0.35Hz-200KHz, +0/-3dB
    Impedance: >-95dBu, Unweighted, 22Hz-22KHz
    Max Output Level: 0.04% Typically @ +4dBu, 1 KHz, Gain 1
    Bandwidth: Variable (off-1 0dBu)
    Noise: Variable (-40--+20dBu)
    Frequency Response: Variable (1:1 – oo:1)

    Stereo Mode (LOW/HIGH): 45Hz-960Hz or 450Hz-9.6KHz (x10 Setting)
    Stereo Mode (LOW/MID): 45Hz-960Hz or 450Hz-9.6KHz (x10 Setting)
    Stereo Mode (MID/HIGH): 450Hz-9.6KHz
    Mono Mode (LOW/LOW-MID): 45Hz-960Hz or 450Hz-9.6KHz (x10 Setting)
    Mono Mode (LOW-LOW/HIGH-MID): 450Hz-9.6KHz
    Mono Mode (HIGH-MID/HIGH): 450Hz-9.6KHz

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