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Passive 2 x 8" Line Array Module

General Technical Specs

Core Concept

The state of the art Class D digital amplifier designed for the CORE series active cabinets sets a new industry benchmark in audio performance, efficiency and flexibility. The class D amplifiers were specifically designed to power not only the active loudspeaker that it is built-into but it is specifically designed to drive its corresponding passive cabinet. This is made possible by integrating a parallel speaker output connector to an extremely powerful, efficient & reliable Class D amplifier. This simple yet innovative concept design can save users up to more than 50% on the upfront cost an active line array system and as a bonus, lowers the total systems overall weight.

The next generation of compact active line arrays is here. Sound Barrier has been relentless in its search for a scalable & extraordinarily powerful system with unparalleled audio quality while maintaining and improving price points without sacrificing performance. With its intelligent design, state-of-the-art technology, and versatility, the CORE series is bound to become an audio engineers dream system.

The CORE 82P is a dual 8”, two way, full range, passive line array module and is specifically designed to me be used with the CORE 82A active line array module but can be used in a passive array setup with rack-mount amplifiers if required or preferred. Though compact in size, the CORE 82P is a full-bandwidth system and may be used without subwoofers in many applications. Where additional low frequency extension is required, the CORE 82P can be complemented by and is directly compatible with the CORE 8218SA (Active 18" Subwoofer) and CORE 8218SP (Passive 18" Subwoofer).


The CORE 82P is a 2-way system that combines line array principles with innovative horn loading techniques to produce a very powerful compact line array with impressive dynamic impact. The low frequency section of the CORE 82P is comprised of two 8" / 2" voice coil Neodymium drivers. The HF section is comprised of one 1.4" throat, 3" voice coil Neodymium horn elements to produce a low-curvature vertical wave front with an efficiency of 109dB at 1m for a 1W input. This optimal HF curvature enables the cabinets enclosures within the array to be splayed up to 8° without introducing gaps in the HF vertical coverage.

Nucleus FIR is a loudspeaker management software providing all of the features and flexibility required to drive and align the CORE series sound reinforcement systems. Incorporating traditional IIR X-over and parametric EQ functions in conjunction with revolutionary FIR modes, Nucleus FIR is one of the most flexible, advanced yet user friendly loudspeaker management software in the world. The NUCLEUS FIR software and integrated applications transforms the CORE series sound reinforcement system from an active line array system into a transcendent and revolutionary piece of audio technology no professional should be without.

Amplification and Processing

CORE series amplifiers offer a full set of value added features such as:

Ultra High Power
CORE series active cabinets amplifier compact modules ranging from 1000W (CORE82A), 1500W(All Subwoofers) and 1600W (CORE102A).

Unmatched Audio Specifications
Thanks to Class-D technology, the CORE series amplifier modules deliver unmatched audio specifications in the pro audio industry including the modules with the highest dynamic range and the lowest distortion in the pro audio industry.

Universal Voltage
CORE Series amplifier’s provides universal mains operation for 120 V and 230 V. The power supply is regulated to deliver consistent power world-wide.

Full Protection
CORE Series amplifier modules are fully self-protected. All relevant protection features have been implemented individually for the SMPS and for each amplifier channel including efficient heat dissipation system, integrated cooling fans and Over-Heat protection.Moreover the Clip/Limiter function provides output monitoring to prevent speaker damage with gentle gain reduction at clip threshold.

Safety Approved - EMC Complaint
Safety approved and verified for EMC compliance.

Readouts for DSP / Network

In addition to the conventional readouts and
auxiliary power, CORE modules offer advanced real time readouts for fully interfacing to the NUCLEUS FIR and network solutions. Sophisticated loudspeaker processor with a powerful 96 kHz 24 bit DSP Engine and high performance 24bit AD/DA converters are also included.

Safety Approved - EMC Complaint
On board DSP and RS485 connection for monitoring
and control via the state of the art NUCLEUS FIR loudspeaker management software. All setup parameters for input mixing, DSP features and the limiter setting are accessible by using the NUCLEUS FIR software.

Audio Optimization
Noise Gate, crossover filters, parametric EQs per input and output sections, RMS compressor, alignment delay and All-Pass filters, everything needed to optimize a self-powered loudspeaker.

Loudness & Noise Generator
Equipped with a Dynamic Loudness function and a Pink
/White noise generator.

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